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Media Studio Student Employee Training Program


This pilot project answered the question, "Does eLearning address training needs of media studio student employees?"


Phase I:   Determine Relative Advantage - The Teaching and Learning Problem

Phase II:  Decide on Objectives and Assessments - Measuring Success (or Failure)

Phase III: Design Integration Strategies - "The Plan"

Phase IV: Are essential conditions in place to support technology integration? - "Material Planning & Logistics"

Phase V:  Evaluate and Revise Integration Strategies - Evaluating the Program

Professional Page



The media studio was a do-it-yourself media production facility located in the library and open to the entire college campus. There were over two dozen student employees that provided support to the community on video, audio, web and graphic design projects. My training program was designed to address two problems: 1) the near impossibility of scheduling face to face essential training due to hyper-busy schedules, and 2) students tended to stick with what they know (e.g. audiophiles drilling deep into audio technologies and not ever learning the basics of video, web or graphic design). To address this, I developed a series of eLearning cross-training modules that could be performed asynchronously and independently by the student employees.


After much discussion with the students, I created four training modules, one for each of the areas that the media studio supports. They were Training Module 1: Sound Design Intro and Audacity, Training Module 2: Graphic Design Intro and Illustrator, Training Module 3: Video Tools and Final Cut Pro, and Training Module 4: Web Design Tools and GetWeb. Each module included a general overview of resources available in the studio and suggestions on what resources were best when patrons need help with their projects. The second and more dominant part of each module was technology skill training designed to address one common patron request from each of the four areas, namely Audacity, Illustrator, Final Cut Pro and GetWeb. The training modules relied heavily on video tutorials and lectures distributed through online video.



A dominant aspect of my job as part of the Media Studio Manager (part of Academic Computing Services) was to manage over two dozen student employees who provided help to members of the college community coming to the Media Studio. The Media Studio primarily focused on expertise in Web Design, Graphic Design, Sound Design, and Video Editing.  Most of the student employees working there were good in one area, but needed training in the others. My pilot project developed the learning objects for training in all these areas, as well as assessed the efficacy of the training.


This site was the documentation site for the required capstone project for my M. Ed program focusing on instructional technology. The EDTC capstone project was the culminating class of the program. The capstone experience provided me an opportunity to apply previous knowledge and skills gained in the program and put it all together.


For questions or concerns regarding this project, please email me at baynard@gmail.com or babailey@vassar.edu.







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